[R] Multinomial Logistic Regression with Complex Survey using 'Survey' Package in R

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Tue Jun 19 23:54:42 CEST 2018

Dear R Users,

I want to use a multinomial logistic regression model with survey data in the “survey” package. The original package did not have a function for multinomial logistic regression, so Thomas Lumley suggested creating replicate weights for the survey and doing a multinomial regression with frequency weights in the mlogit package. See the below message for reference:

There isn't an implementation of multinomial regression in the survey package.  The easiest way to do this would be to create replicate weights for your survey if it doesn't already have them (with
as.svrepdesign()) and then use withReplicates() to do the regression using a function that does multinomial regression with frequency weights, such as mlogit() in the mlogit package.  The example on the withReplicates() help page shows how to do this for quantile regression, and it should be similar.

However, there has been a more recent release of the “survey” package in May 2018, so I am wondering if there is now a function that does multinomial logistic regression with the survey. Please let me know if anyone knows of this update, or has any additional advice on how to perform this function.

Thank you,

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