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Since 2008, Microsoft staff and guests have written about R at the Revolutions
blog (http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com) and every month I post a summary of
articles from the previous month of particular interest to readers of r-help.

In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
month of May:

The R Consortium has announced a new round of grants for projects proposed by
the R community:

A look back at the ROpenSci unconference held in Seattle:

Video of my European R Users Meeting talk, "Speeding up R with Parallel
Programming in the Cloud":

Slides from my talk at the Microsoft Build conference, "Open-Source Machine
Learning in Azure":

Discussions on Twitter: R packages by stage of data analysis; thinking
differently about AI development; and, why is package management harder in Python
than R? http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2018/05/three-twitter-threads.html

Microsoft R Open 3.4.4 is now available:

And some general interest stories (not necessarily related to R):

* A really bad road in Nepal:

* Our May 2018 roundup of AI and data science news:

* The definitive answer to "Laurel" or "Yanny" (it's Laurel):

* Panelist Francesca Lazzeri reviews the Mind Bytes AI conference in Chicago:

* A parody of air travel:

* When magpies attack:

As always, thanks for the comments and please keep sending suggestions to
me at davidsmi using microsoft.com or via Twitter (I'm @revodavid).

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