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Fri Jun 1 17:54:03 CEST 2018

Hello folks,

I have a big project to work on and the dataset is classified so I am just
going to use my own example so everyone can understand what I am targeting.

Let's take Target as an example: We consider three brands of tape: Target
brand, 3M and Avery. The original data frame has 4 columns: Year of Record,
Product_Name(which contains three brands of tape), Sales, and Region. I
want to create a new data frame that looks like this:

                      Year of Record       Sales     Region
  Target Brand

Here is what I did.


   I split the original data frame which I called data1:

   X = split(data1, Product_name)


   Unlist X

   X1 = unlist(X)


   Create a new data frame

   new_df = as.data.frame(X1)

But, when I used the command View(new_df), I had only two columns: The left
one is similar to TargetBrand.Sales, etc. and the right one is just "X1"

I did not achieve what I wanted.

**A potentially big question from readers:*

Why am I doing this?


I want to run a multiple regression model later to see among different
regions, what the sales look like for these three brands of tape:

*Does Mid-west buy more house brand than East Coast?*


*Does region really affect the sales? Are Mid-West's purchases similar to
those of East Coast and West Coast?*

I need help. Please give me guidance.

Hugh N

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