[R] What is the default covariance structure in the glmmPQL function (MASS package)?

Gerda Börner gerdaboerner at gmx.de
Wed Jan 31 10:35:32 CET 2018


currently I am trying to fit a generalized linear mixed model using the 
glmmPQL function in the MASS package. I am working with the data 
provided by the book from Heck, Thomas and Tabata (2012) - 

I was wondering, which variance-covariance structure the glmmPQL 
function is using by default and if it is possible to vary the 
variance-covariance structure with the glmmPQL function. Unfortunately I 
couldn't manage to find out myself.
If it is possible to change it, could someone tell me how to do so? I am 
especially interested in a diagonal structure versus an unstructured 
variance-covariance structure.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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