[R] Web scraping different levels of a website

Ilio Fornasero iliofornasero at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 09:58:16 CET 2018

I am web scraping a page at


From this url, I have built up a dataframe through the following code:

dflist <- map(.x = 1:417, .f = function(x) {
 url <- ("http://catalog.ihsn.org/index.php/catalog#_r=&collection=&country=&dtype=&from=1890&page=1&ps=100&sid=&sk=&sort_by=nation&sort_order=&to=2017&topic=&view=s&vk=")
read_html(url) %>%
html_nodes(".title a") %>%
html_text() %>%
}) %>% do.call(rbind, .)

I have repeated the same code in order to get all the data I was interested in and it seems to work perfectly, although is of course a little slow due to the Sys.sleep() thing.

My issue has raised once I have tried to scrape the single projects descriptions that should be included in the dataframe.

For instance, the first project description is at


the second project description is at


and so forth.

My problem is that I can't find a dynamic way to scrape all the projects' pages and insert them in the data frame, being the number in the URLs not progressive nor at the end of the link.

To make things clearer, this is the structure of the website I am scraping:

   1.1.   http://catalog.ihsn.org/index.php/catalog/7118
        1.1.a http://catalog.ihsn.org/index.php/catalog/7118/related_materials
        1.1.b http://catalog.ihsn.org/index.php/catalog/7118/study-description
        1.1.c. http://catalog.ihsn.org/index.php/catalog/7118/data_dictionary

I have scraped successfully level 1. but cannot level 1.1.b. (study-description) , the one I am interested in, since the dynamic element of the URL (in this case: 7118) is not consistent in the website's above 6000 pages of that level.

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