[R] Split charts with ggplot2, tidyquant

Eric Berger ericjberger at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 13:56:02 CET 2018

A very common chart in the financial markets is a split chart with two time
series shown in two vertically stacked sub-charts.
A classic case would be the top panel showing the time series of historical
prices of some stock, and the bottom
panel showing the volume traded per day immediately below it. The common
x-axis is the dates of the time period covered.

I would like to create such a standard plot using ggplot2. How does one do
The goals of the tidyquant package would seem to include the easy creation
of such a chart, but I could not find this in tidyquant.

Suppose it were possible to easily create such a chart in ggplot2 (or
tidyquant which uses ggplot2.)
Then with such data for numerous stocks (or other financial instruments)
one could see a grid of such charts by faceting with respect to the stock.

Thanks for any help,


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