[R] sum multiple csv files

Alejandra Lopez-Galan alejandra7galan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 10:29:05 CET 2018

Hi, I am pretty new to R and I would apreciatte very much your help to
solve my problem. I have 40 csv files that have the same structure, and I
want to merge them into a single data frame.

I already have load and combined all the cvs files into a large list, and I
created two

filenames <- list.files('data',full.names=TRUE)

All_data <- lapply(filenames,function(i){
  ###read cvs files and add the row and column names to each data frame###
  read.csv(i, header=FALSE, sep = "", col.names = col_names, row.names =

However I would like to sum the rows of cvs files to get a single data
frame (each cvs file has 47 rows and colunms, so the final data frame
should have the same). I could only do it one by one data data frame, but I
was wondering if anyone could give an idea of how to write a function for


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