[R] Help with packages (methods, stats, stats4)

imane hajar imane.chafiki.fst at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 16:42:18 CET 2018

Can you please give me a hand with this problem,well i can't install these
- stats
- methods
- stats4

when i tried the following command :  *library(help = "stats") * , it gave
me this output (*see picture*), so i contacted the Maintainer of the
package at (*R-core at r-project.org <R-core at r-project.org>*) but he said that
i write to the wrong place.

(i want to install those packages in order to use the "DVstats" package)

(i have the latest version of R (3.4.3 ) and Rstudio(1.2.240) )

thank you
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