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In the (approximate) words of Ross Ihaka: R could have been made commercial and then it might have had like 500 users instead of millions.

Programming language aside, there isn't really much of a market for new, closed source, statistical programs, at least not unless you get to a level of sophistication which is way beyond the capacity of any single person (e.g. in the field of maths software, Mathematica is not likely to be replaceable by a free alternative anytime soon, but that is huge!).

More likely, there is a market in consulting and in-house application development, both of which can quite conveniently be done with R. If you are good at it, that is.


> On 12 Jan 2018, at 06:17 , muhammad ramzi <mramzi43 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh I see thank you very much now I understand. So for me as I am considered an intermediate in R and also C++ what kind of programming language I could take up and learn to make a commercial statistical software ? Any advices as well ?

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