[R] Problem with geterrmessage()

Dennis Fisher fisher at plessthan.com
Thu Feb 22 21:35:07 CET 2018

R 3.4.3


I have a 20K line script in which I encounter an unexpected problem.

If the script detects presence of a particular file USERCODE.txt, it executes:
If that file is not present, the script executes without a problem.

There might be syntax errors in USERCODE.txt; therefore, the code above is embedded in a try command:
	try(source(“USERCODE.txt", local=T), silent=T)
followed by:
	ERRORMESSAGE <- geterrmessage()

For unclear reasons, an earlier command is yielding an error message:
	unused argument (\"\\n\")
Despite identifying the exact source of that error, I can’t fix it (and it is of no consequence).

Ideally, I would like to clear out the pre-existing error message immediately before the “try” command (or perhaps at that particular location where it is being created) — but I can’t figure out how to do so.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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