[R] Draft proposal for Searching R Packages

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at effectivedefense.org
Sun Feb 18 03:46:59 CET 2018

Hello, All:

       I just posted a "Draft Proposal for improving the ability of R 
users to search R packages" to Wikiversity 

       You are all invited to rewrite it in any way you think is more 
likely to produce the most useful result.  Wikimedia invites 
contributors to "be bold but not reckless", writing from a neutral point 
of view citing credible sources.  I do NOT want to do this project:  I 
think the world will be better if it is done, and I think others are 
better equipped to actually do it -- or manage others doing it -- than I 

       If you read this, you will see that it contains critical gaps.  I 
hope one or more of you will fill these critical gaps or help find 
others who will.

       As indicated there, the next major deadline is April 1.  This 
sounds like lots of time, except that the key thing that is missing in 
this draft proposal is principal investigator(s).  Without PI(s), it 
won't fly.

       Spencer Graves, PhD
       7300 W. 107th St. # 506
       Overland Park, KS 66212
ph:  408-655-4567

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