[R] Identify does sort the locations

Paul Murrell paul at stat.auckland.ac.nz
Thu Feb 15 21:50:37 CET 2018


Sorry, I think this has always been the behaviour (and the documentation 
has always been wrong).

Using locator() yourself could be a workaround (with a little more 
effort required to determine the closest data point).


On 16/02/18 09:32, Samuel GRANJEAUD IR/INSERM wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Thanks for your answer. I am wondering if in the previous versions, 
> let's say 2.1x, the data were in the selection order... Let me know if 
> there a R fonction taht I can code. Do you think I should use locator 
> function and match points on my own?
> Best,
> Samuel

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