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Andrea Lopez aclopezrosero at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 15 18:23:58 CET 2018

Hi everyone,

I am beginner using R but I try to learn more.

I need this graphic or similar but instead of tropical and temperate are three ontogenetic states

                    Larva            Met             Juv



                     SP                     SP               SP

This is my scrip:

Ex = subset(Expr, Outlayer=="N")
Ex2 = subset (Ex, S0 == 1)
Ex3 = subset(Ex2, Experimento == "CTMIN")
Ex4 = subset(Ex2, Experimento == "CTMAX")
Ex3$Stage <- ordered(Ex3$Stage, levels=c("LARVA", "MET", "JUV"))
Ex4$Stage <- ordered(Ex4$Stage, levels=c("LARVA", "MET", "JUV"))
boxplot(Temp ~ Stage, data = Ex4, col = "red",  main="CTmax", ylim=range(30:45))
boxplot(Temp ~ Stage, data = Ex3, col = "blue", main="CTmin", ylim=range(-3:1))

When I run de scrip some species disappear and it doesn't come out as I need

Please if someone can help me,

Thank you

Lic. Andrea L�pez-Rosero
Investigadora asociada
Centro de investigaci�n para la Salud en Am�rica Latina (CISeAL)
Pontificia Universidad Cat�lica del Ecuador
Quito - Ecuador
Tel: (593) 22991700, ext. 2926

Andrea L�pez-Rosero
Research associate
Center for Health Research in Latin Am�rica (CISeAL)
Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador
Quito - Ecuador
Tel: (593) 22991700, ext. 2926

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