[R] Suppress horizontal mean line in beanplot()

Mohammad Tanvir Ahamed mashranga at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 19:55:56 CET 2018


Check this 

beanplot(count ~ spray, data = InsectSprays, what = c(FALSE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE))

>From R function help : 
what :  a vector of four booleans describing what to plot. In the following order, these booleans stand for the total average line, the beans, the bean average, and the beanlines. For example, what=c(0,0,0,1) produces a stripchart

ggplot can be helpful

p <- ggplot(InsectSprays, aes(factor(spray), count, fill=factor(spray) ))+ geom_violin()

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On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 7:32:22 PM GMT+1, Samuel Knapp <samuel.knapp at tum.de> wrote: 


I would like to use the beanplot() function from the beanplot package. 
Unfortunately, I can't find out how to suppress the dashed horizontal 
line, that shows the overall mean.

In the help I've found the argument "overallline", but it only allows 
for "mean" or "median" .

I have tried overallline = F, overallline="n", and overallline="", but 
without success.

Strangely, I could also not find any suggestions on the internet.

Does anybody know how to do this?



## Example code using the dataset InsectSprays from datasets package


beanplot(count ~ spray, data = InsectSprays)

# How to remove the dashed horizonal line?

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