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MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Mon Feb 5 21:54:01 CET 2018

I would try using the xlim, ylim arguments in your first map() command, and then using the add argument in the second one. See the help page for the map function.

This assumes that the map() function you are using comes from the maps package.

Otherwise, perhaps you should be using the rgdal package to load your shapefiles into R (you did mention shapefiles), and the basic plot() command to plot them. Depending on whether you choose to use the 'sp' package or the 'sf' package.

See also the R-sig-geo mailing list.


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    Dear All,
    I'm new with mapping and using shapefiles in R.
    I use the version: R 3.2.1 GUI 1.66 with Snow Leopard Mac OS (6956)
    I want to build a map of the countries of Africa, in order to add points of collecting species of beetles, for later publishing.
    When I put the extreme coordinates of Africa, the map began only at longitude 0° and thus lacks the west africa part:
    x<-map('world2Hires', xlim=c(-18,52), ylim=c(-35,38))
    I attempted with the following script:
    E<-map('world2Hires', xlim=c(0,52), ylim=c(-35,38))
    W<-map('world2Hires', xlim=c(342,360), ylim=c(-35,38))
    It ran fine but now I don't know how to get these two maps jointed.
    I guess it may be trivial but I didn't found nothing about this in the available tutorials.
    Nicolas Degallier
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