[R] copy/paste of large amount of code to terminal leads to scrambled/missing characters

Martin Batholdy batholdy at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 4 01:23:54 CET 2018

Dear R-users,

This question might not be restricted to R, but I hope that some might have experienced similar problems and could help me.

When using R, I usually work with a text-editor (textmate2) in which I prepare the script.
To execute code, I then copy and paste it to an R-session running in the terminal/shell (on Mac OS).

Unfortunately, when pasting too much code into the terminal (e.g. 60 lines), some characters are occasionally and randomly scrambled or missing.
For example "col <- ifelse(..." turns into "col < col < cse(…".

This happens very randomly, is difficult to predict, and while it only affects a hand full of characters in total, it leads to a lot of errors in the code execution along the way.
Apparently, it has to do with the buffer size and paste-speed of the terminal.

So far, I could not find any solution to the problem.

Therefore, I wanted to ask; 
Do others here use a similar workflow (i.e. having a text-editor for coding and using copy/paste to the terminal for code execution) and encountered similar problems with big chunks of code in the clipboard?
Are there any solutions for this problem, specifically for running R over the shell?

Thank you very much!

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