[R] command line fails

Michael Ashton m.ashton at enduringinvestments.com
Fri Feb 2 13:52:25 CET 2018

Hi - Think this is quick help. Not sure how to trap what is causing my simple script to run fine in R, but fail immediately when called from rscript. I can put all sorts of traps in the script itself, but when called from the command line the r window simply flashes and closes.

There's probably a way to find out why rscript is failing, but I don't know it and can't seem to find it online. To be clear, I'm not really trying to save the OUTPUT of the file...it never even executes as far as I can tell. I'm calling it with C:\Program Files\R\R-3.4.3\bin\Rscript.exe "P:\Investments\Trading Tools\RV Tools\myfile.r" And again, it executes perfectly if I open the GUI first and then run it within R.

Thanks for the help!


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