[R] Long input lines in R.exe

RK @rk@y7777 @ending from gm@il@com
Wed Dec 26 17:47:44 CET 2018


When I run R.exe (or Rterm.exe) from cmd.exe and enter in a long input
line, e.g.


the visible portion of the input is truncated to:


In effect, I cannot see the full input line all at once. The visible
portion of the input, including the $ symbol is 77 characters which
must be a terminal width setting. Scrolling to the other end of the
line, allows me to see the hidden portion but this is not ideal.
Changing options(width=132) within R.exe/cmd.exe shows long output
lines, which tells me that terminal width is not a fundamental

This behavior does not occur when using RGui.exe, RStudio, etc. where
the visible portion of the input lines is limited by screen width.

Is there any way to make R.exe show long input lines when using
cmd.exe? I prefer to use R.exe when I am working off the Windows

I am using R 3.5.2 on Win10, 64-bit.


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