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Spencer Brackett @pbr@ckett20 @ending from @@intjo@ephh@@com
Thu Dec 27 00:03:51 CET 2018

Good evening,

I am attempting to anaylze the protein expression data contained within
these two ICGC, TCGA datasets (one for GBM and the other for LGG)

*File for GBM  protein expression*:

*File for LGG protein expression:*


  When I tried to transfer the files from .txt (via Notepad) to .csv (via
Excel), the data appeared in the columns as unorganized and random
script... not like how a typical csv should be arranged at all. I need the
dataset to be converted into .csv in order to analyze it in R, which is why
I am hoping someone here might help me in doing that. If not, is there
perhaps some other way that I could analyze the datatsets on R, which again
is downloaded from the dataportal ICGC?


Spencer Brackett

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