[R] Issues with R3.5.2

Janh Anni @nnij@nh @ending from gm@il@com
Sun Dec 23 02:10:27 CET 2018

Dear R Experts,

I use Windows 10 and just installed the new R version, R3.5.2 but when I
tried to load a data file using read.table, I got an error message like

*Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection*
*In addition: Warning message:*
*In file(file, "rt") :*
*  cannot open file 'StreamPCB.dat': No such file or directory*

Also, I couldn't install packages using install.packages as usual, unless I
run R as Administrator

I wonder if anyone else had the same issues and any suggestions how to fix?

Thanks a lot

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