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Wed Dec 19 12:38:43 CET 2018

Hi all,

Apparently Deducer (a GUI for R) is no longer supported or being updated.

What is the easiest way to re-write code to run using R-Studio?

An example:

BatStats<- Deducer::descriptive.table (vars = d 
(Dur,Fmin,Fmax,Fmean,Fk,Fc,Sc,Pmc),data= BatStats,func.names =c("Valid 
N","Minimum","Maximum","Mean","St. Deviation","25th Percentile","75th 
Percentile"),func.additional= list(p10=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.10), 
na.rm=TRUE),p90=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.90), na.rm=TRUE)))

So I will be on a new learning curve.

Tnx for any suggestions


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