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Fri Dec 14 05:33:00 CET 2018

Dear All,

I have a mgcv::gam model of the form:

m1 <- gam(Y ~ A + s(B, bs = "re"), data = dataframe, family = gaussian, method = "REML")

The random term is quoted in summary(m1) as, for example,

Approximate significance of smooth terms:
           # edf Ref.df      F p-value
s(B)  4.486      5 97.195 6.7e-08 ***

My question is, how would I quote this result (statistic and P value) in a formal document?

For example, one possibility is F[4.486,5] = 97.195, P = 6.7e-08. However, arguing against this, “reverse engineering” of the result using

pf(q= 97.195, df1= 4.486, df2= 5, lower.tail=FALSE)

gives an incorrect p value:

[1] 0.1435508

I would be very grateful for your advice. Many thanks for your help!


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