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Well, the final answer is that data from FTH could be transfered to other software **only** through Excel.

Regarding RetroEncabulator, readings could be enahanced by extensive and elaborate use of nanoputian molecules chained together.


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> Dear Petr,
> Sorry, no experience with the FTH, but related to this, has anybody gotten R to
> interface nicely with the Retro Encabulator, providing live read outs of the
> synchronizing cardinal grammeters?
> (my apologies, I just couldn't resist)
> Best,
> Wolfgang
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> >
> >Hallo all
> >
> >Does anybody know if R could be used directly with FactoryTalk
> >Historian programme from Rockwell automation.
> >
> >It is probably possible to use Excel as interface but I would prefer
> >not to.
> >
> >Best regards.
> >
> >Petr Pikal
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