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Thank you for your response.
In fact, I use the formula environament to select variables, as part of the code of another function.
I would like to allow the user to select the same variable more than once.
The use of I() may partly solve the problem. However, I would like attr(terms(g),"term.labels") would return a vector with as many components as variables including repetitions. And using I() function, there would be some work remaining to split "I(age + age)" into "age", "age", taking into account that in other examples variable may include white spaces or other characters within ` `.


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The formulas

y ~ cholesterol + age + age


y ~ cholesterol + age

are the same formula.
If you want 'age' twice, maybe

g <- y ~ cholesterol + I(age + age)
attr(terms(g), "term.labels")
#[1] "cholesterol"  "I(age + age)"

Hope this helps,

Rui Barradas

Às 06:49 de 10/12/2018, Subirana Cachinero, Isaac escreveu:
> y ~ cholesterol + age + age

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