[R] repeating the same variable in formula

Subirana Cachinero, Isaac i@ubir@n@ @ending from imim@e@
Mon Dec 10 07:49:00 CET 2018

I am using terms.formula function to substract the variables from a formula environment.

Concretely, with the attr(*, "term.labels") I get the right side terms specified in the formula.

However, when introducing the same variable two or more times, this appears only once.

For example, when typing

>f <- y ~ cholesterol + age + age


I get

[1] "cholesterol" "age"

and I would like to get

[1] "cholesterol" "age" "age"

Is it possible with terms.formula function to obtain the variables and the times that they are specified in the formula? Or may I use another function?

Thanks in advance.


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