[R] sample (randomly select) from successive days

Dagmar Cimiotti d@gm@r@cimiotti @ending from ftz-we@t@uni-kiel@de
Fri Dec 7 09:36:48 CET 2018

Dear all,

I have data from a time span like this:

myframe <- data.frame (Timestamp=c("24.09.2012 09:00:00", "24.09.2012 10:00:00","25.09.2012 09:00:00",
                                    "25.09.2012 09:00:00","24.09.2012 09:00:00", "24.09.2012 10:00:00"),
                         Event=c(50,60,30,40,42,54) )

I want to create a new dataframe which includes in this example the data from two successive days (in my real data I have a big time span and want data from 25 consecutive days). I understand that I can do a simple sample like this

mysample <- myframe[sample(1:nrow(myframe), 4,replace=FALSE),]

But I need the data from consecutive days in my random sample. Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks in advance,

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