[R] Weighting Document for Text Clouds

Elmously, Ziad (TSHHM) zi@d@elmou@ly @ending from k@nt@r@com
Tue Dec 4 12:18:56 CET 2018

Hello All,

The link below shows the 5 steps required to build a text cloud from a text file of documents (e.g., posts, tweets, etc.).


The R script in the link loads the text into a character vector, "text".  Basically, it is a vector of documents.

Is there an easy way to apply document weights (if attached to the raw documents)?  The weighting options in the documentation for  "TermDocumentMatrix" do not seem to be relevant.  One option is to use the weights to physically replicate the documents in "text".

However, I seek a more elegant solution.


Ziad Elmously

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