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It is possible that this is not an RStudio-specific issue in spite of the initial phrasing. 

If when you use Rgui (Windows) or R.app (Mac) or plain R at the command line (any OS) you still have problems, then you may need to ask for help here or in R-sig-mac or R-sig-debian or R-sig-fedora. Follow the recommendations in the Posting Guide to help your helper reproduce your problem without depending on RStudio. You should also describe what steps you have already tried... in particular read about Locales  and Encoding in the R Data Import/Export  and Installation/Administration manuals and describe what you have done to follow the advice given there.

FWIW I am an English-only speaker so have very limited experience with locales and encodings... be sure to direct your questions to whichever mailing list is most specific to your operating system rather than me.

Also, if it is RStudio-specific, there is a good RStudio blog post [1] you can start with.

[1] https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200532197-Character-Encoding

On December 2, 2018 12:45:28 PM PST, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan using gmail.com> wrote:
>On 02/12/2018 6:51 AM, mahboobe akhlaghi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a question about R Studio. I have a database in SQL. now, I
>> SQL and R Studio. the levels of a variable is in farsi. so when I
>want to
>> read some variables, in R Studio are "???????" . I want to show them
>> farsi. what should I do to have right words in R Studio?
>You'll probably need to contact RStudio support about this.  This 
>mailing list is about R; RStudio is a separate project that provides a 
>front end to R.
>When you contact them, let them know details about your system:  are
>running Windows?  What version?  What locale?
>Duncan Murdoch
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>and provide commented, minimal, self-contained, reproducible code.

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