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Tue Sep 19 17:20:40 CEST 2017

Dear all;

Thanks. Here are the dput results as Duncan suggested.



structure(list(Sub_Pathways = structure(c(3L, 3L, 3L, 3L, 3L), .Label =
"Advanced_Glycation_End-product", "Alanine_and_Aspartate", "Aminosugar",
"Ascorbate_and_Aldarate", "Carnitine", "Ceramides", "Creatine",
"Diacylglycerol", "Dipeptide", "Dipeptide_Derivative",
"Eicosanoid", "Endocannabinoid", "Fatty_Acid(Acyl_Carnitine)",
"Fatty_Acid(Acyl_Glycine)", "Fatty_Acid,_Amino", "Fatty_Acid,_Branched",
"Fatty_Acid,_Dicarboxylate", "Fatty_Acid,_Dihydroxy",
"Fatty_Acid_(Acyl_Choline)", "Fatty_Acid_(Acyl_Glutamine)",
"Fatty_Acid_Synthesis", "Fibrinogen_Cleavage_Peptide",
"Gamma-glutamyl_Amino_Acid", "Glutamate", "Glutathione", "Glycerolipid",
"Glycine,_Serine_and_Threonine", "Glycogen",
"Guanidino_and_Acetamido", "Hemoglobin_and_Porphyrin", "Histidine",
"Inositol", "Ketone_Bodies", "Leucine,_Isoleucine_and_Valine",
"Long_Chain_Fatty_Acid", "Lysine", "Lyso-phospho-ether", "Lysolipid",
"Lysoplasmalogen", "Medium_Chain_Fatty_Acid",
"Mevalonate", "Monoacylglycerol", "Nicotinate_and_Nicotinamide",
"Oxidative_Phosphorylation", "Pantothenate_and_CoA", "Pentose",
"Phenylalanine_and_Tyrosine", "Phospholipid", "Plasmalogen",
"Polyamine", "Polypeptide", "Polyunsaturated_Fatty_Acid_(n3_and_n6)",
"Primary_Bile_Acid", "Purine,_(Hypo)Xanthine/Inosine_containing",
"Purine,_Adenine_containing", "Purine,_Guanine_containing",
"Pyrimidine,_Orotate_containing", "Pyrimidine,_Thymine_containing",
"Pyrimidine,_Uracil_containing", "Riboflavin", "Secondary_Bile_Acid",
"Short_Chain_Fatty_Acid", "Sphingolipid", "Steroid", "Sterol",
"TCA_Cycle", "Tocopherol", "Tryptophan",
"Vitamin_A", "Vitamin_B6"), class = "factor"), BMI_beta = c(0.2382,
-0.313, 0.1238, 0.3035, -0.00982), SAT_beta = c(-0.02409, -1.9751,
0.4095, 0.4861, 0.3293), VAT_beta = c(0.9418, -2.2204, 0.6805,
0.7083, 0.01597), VSR_beta = c(0.2469, -0.2354, 0.05539, 0.01337,
-0.04353)), .Names = c("Sub_Pathways", "BMI_beta", "SAT_beta",
"VAT_beta", "VSR_beta"), row.names = c(NA, 5L), class = "data.frame")

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 10:04 AM, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan at gmail.com>

> On 19/09/2017 9:47 AM, greg holly wrote:
>> Hi all;
>> I have data at 734*22 dimensions with rows and columns names are
>> non-numeric.When I convert this data into matrix then all values show up
>> with quotes. Then when I use
>> x1= noquotes(x) to remove the quotes from the matrix then non-numeric row
>> names remain all other values in matrix disappear.
>> Your help is greatly appreciated.
> Matrices in R can have only one type.  If you start with a dataframe and
> any columns contain character data, all entries will be converted to
> character, and the matrix will be displayed with quotes.
> When you say all values disappear, it sounds as though you are displaying
> strings containing nothing (or just blanks).  Those will be displayed as ""
> normally, but if the matrix is marked to display without quotes, they are
> displayed as empty strings, so it will appear that nothing is displayed.
> You can see the structure of the original data using the str() function,
> e.g. str(x) should display types for each column.
> If this isn't enough to explain what's going on, please show us more
> detail.  For example, show us the result of
> y <- x[1:5, 1:5]
> dput(y)
> both before and after converting x to a matrix.
> Duncan Murdoch

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