[R] To implement OO or not in R package, and if so, how to structure it?

Alexander Shenkin ashenkin at ufl.edu
Thu Sep 14 16:27:55 CEST 2017

>>> Did you read this?
>>> https://cran.r-project.org/doc/contrib/Leisch-CreatingPackages.pdf
>>> Maybe it could give you some insight in how to create package.
>> That resource is ~9 years old. There are more modern treatments available. You
>> can read mine at http://r-pkgs.had.co.nz.
>> Hadley

Thanks both.  I'm reading through your new book now Hadley... thanks for 
that.  I'll probably take a shot at building a class to hold one tree 
per object, and search for objects of a class (per 
to implement collections when necessary...

It does seem like there might be niche out there for a resource for 
folks deciding how to structure their package given what they're trying 
to provide; i.e. should they construct a collection of functions, or 
class defs, or...  Could well exist already, and I may just have missed 


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