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Zebulun Arendsee zbwrnz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:59:24 CEST 2017

Dear Rusers,

This summer I published the package rmonad on CRAN:

rmonad is a toolset for building stateful, branching pipelines. As
functions in the pipeline are executed, they are recorded in a graph of all
past operations. The resulting structure can be computed on to access not
only the final results, but also node documentation, intermediate results,
performance stats, and any raised messages, warnings or errors.

See the README on github (https://github.com/arendsee/rmonad) for a few
motivating examples. For more detail, see the "introduction" vignette (

Any thoughts, feature requests, or bug reports would be strongly
appreciated. I am also looking for collaborators (see the last section of
the github README).


*Zebulun Arendsee | PhD Candidate*

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Genetics Development and Cellular Biology department

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