[R] How to save and restore a workspace

jonnvan at gmail.com jonnvan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 00:12:57 CEST 2017

I recently downloaded R in hopes of learning to use it for statistics. 
I have promptly run into a problem, as I am unable to save, and later recover, a workspace so I can resume work where I left off. 
I am using Windows.
I indicate "yes" to the pop up after q().  Then when I later reopen R Console and click on File, I cannot get my prior workspace to appear in the R Console frame so I can resume work. 
In the File drop down menu I have tried Load Workspace, Load History, Display file(s)..., opened R Type: R Workspace with no luck.
I have read about this in two different books, the R Manual, and R FAQs, used the RGui help function, and still cannot do it. 
I have used Windows for years, but I am ignorant about programming.
Would appreciate any help you might offer.
I live in the Denver area, so if there are any local resources you could direct me to, I would be grateful for that as well.

Thank you,
Jon VanDeventer

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