[R] Select part of character row name in a data frame

Francesca PANCOTTO f.pancotto at unimore.it
Thu Oct 19 11:30:24 CEST 2017

Dear R contributors,

I have a problem in selecting in an efficient way, rows of a data frame according to a condition,
which is a part of a row name of the table.

The data frame is made of 64 rows and 2 columns, but the row names are very long but I need to select them according to a small part of it and perform calculations on the subsets.

This is the example:
											X			Y
"Unique to strat          "                                                    0.0482        28.39
"Unique to crt.dummy        "                                                  0.0441        25.92
"Unique to gender                   "                                          0.0159         9.36
"Unique to age                       "                                         0.0839        49.37
"Unique to gg_right1              "                                            0.0019         1.10
"Unique to strat:crt.dummy                 "                                   0.0689        40.54
"Common to strat, and crt.dummy         "                                     -0.0392       -23.09
"Common to strat, and gender         "                                        -0.0031        -1.84
"Common to crt.dummy, and gender     "                                         0.0038         2.21
"Common to strat, and age                 "                                    0.0072         4.21

X and Y are the two columns of variables, while “Unique to strat”, are the row names. I am interested to select for example those rows 
whose name contains “strat” only. It would be very easy if these names were simple, but they are not and involve also spaces.
I tried with select matches from dplyr but works for column names but I did not find how to use it on row names, which are of course character values.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Francesca Pancotto, PhD

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