[R] comparing two strings from data

Yasin Gocgun yasing053 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 22:25:35 CEST 2017


I have two columns that contain numbers along with letters (as shown below)
and have different lengths. Each entry in the first column is likely to be
 found in the second column at most once.

For each entry of the first column, if that entry is found in the second
column, I would like to get the corresponding index. For instance, if the
first entry of the first column is 5th entry in the second column, I would
like to keep this index 5.

AST2017000005534   TUR2017000001428
CTS2017000079930    CTS2017000071989
CTS2017000079931     CTS2017000072015

In a loop, when I use the following code to get those indices,

data_2 = read.csv("excel_data.csv")
column_1 = data_2$data1
column_2 = data_2$data2

match_list <- array(0,dim=c(310,1));  # 310 is the length of the first

for (indx in 1: 310){
    for(indx2 in 1:713){ # 713 is the length of the second column
        if(column_1[indx] == column_2[indx2] ){
            match_list[indx,1] = indx2;

R provides the following error:

Error in Ops.factor(column_1[indx], column_2[indx2]) :
  level sets of factors are different

So can someone explain me how I can resolve this issue?

Thnak you,


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