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I am an absolutely beginner with regards to R, so forgive me for my
potentially very stupid questions.

I have been attempting to create recurrence plots using R. The data I am
using is based on a mutually exclusive and exhaustive coding scheme with
over 40 individual codes which can be assigned to 6 higher order categories.
When I carry out the usual rqa command, my plot is pretty much black - no
surprises there really considering the exhaustive nature of my coding scheme
and the fact that there are only 6 different categories. 

What i would like to do is colour-code my categories in order to arrive at a
plot that shows the colour of the reccurence of the specific category.
Eventually that would mean a plot with six different colours (next to white,
which means no recurrence), rather than the plain black and white plot which
does not reflect the nature of the recurrence. I hope that my explanation is
clear enough.

My procedure up until now has been:

1) perform a recurrence quantification analysis:

testplot <- rqa(time.series = test$Code, embedding.dim = 1, time.lag = 1,

               radius = 0.1,lmin =2, vmin =2, distanceToBorder = 2, save.RM
= TRUE, do.plot = TRUE)


This plot is based on a TRUE FALSE sparse matrix.

2) Accordingly the next step was to transform this TRUE FALSE matrix to one
that contains the values for the codes for TRUE and 0 for false:

RP1 <- testplot$recurrence.matrix
RP2 <- as.matrix(RP1)*1
TS <- test$Code
for (i in seq(1,dim(RP2)[1])) {
  for (j in seq(1,dim(RP2)[1])) {
    if (RP2[i,j] == 1) {
      RP2[i,j] <- TS[i]

This results in a matrix of this type:

1    0    3    1    
0    4    0    0   
1    0    5    6    


Now I am missing step 3 --> how can plot this matrix by previously assigning
different colours to the numbers?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best, Lisa




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