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1. I think you should seek out a local statistical resource for help, as
you are clearly beyond your statistical capabilities, as you note.

2. Failing that, try a statistical help list like stats.stackexchange.com .
This is an R programming help list, and your questions are not (yet) about
R programming. I would be careful about internet advice, however, as I
think you may need help deciding what sorts of questions to ask even more
than getting answers to those you have asked. Internet help is not very
good at dealing with this imho.


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On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 12:08 PM, davide cortellino <
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> Dear all
> I'm currently facing the following situation. We have run a marketing
> campaign providing to some members one of two type of coupones. In addition
> to this, some of these members were already touched in the short past by
> another campaign.
> So I have the following dataset, where:
> -mixpre3M= is a flag variable telling us if the customer had already
> purchased somethign in the past
> bono recibido: is the kind of coupon recived by the customer. The type
> "3euros" is the coupon identifying the customers already touched in the
> past by a campaign. the type "benchmark" identify the customer who haven't
> received any coupon (control group)
> tran_during: is the N of redeemers or purchasers
> enviados: is the number of people included in each group
> mixpre3M bono_recibido TRAN_DURING_CAMP_FLG enviados
> 0 benchmark 5948 33336
> 1 benchmark 557 2102
> 0 BONO3EUROS 96 1233
> 1 BONO3EUROS 17 83
> 0 BONO6EUROS 4823 25434
> 1 BONO6EUROS 626 1793
> What I want achive is if there is a redemption or purchasing rate
> significatively different between each group, and see between which group
> there is difference
> Now, I have the following doubts:
> a. I understand I should run a multiple comparison test, like maybe a GLM
> with binominal distribution, but I'm not sure it is a correct procedure,
> considering that some of the groups (for instance the fourth one, with
> n=83) are quite smaller than the main other groups. Is the model I choose
> the correct one for this kind of analysis, and I should exclude the smaller
> groups?
> b. I understand this is a kinda similar to a multiple A/B test. Does
> anyone know any tutorial or material which could help with the topic? Never
> managed this kind of test before
> Many thanks for the help Bests
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