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Please do not just reply to me but also to the list as other people 
there more expert than I may be able to help you better.


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Dear Michael

Thank you for your response.
It is my fault not been describe detail condition.
I here attached the codes I used.
I'm using R 3.4.1 for windows.

I tried the same codes and got results. But my supervisor wants to 
confirm and asked me to run again. Then I got error as I stated although 
I'm using the same computer and the same codes.
I'm trying to analysis network for trade data between 208 countries for 
21 years.

Please, understand me since I'm very new R user and I do appreciate your 
kind help.


Nyi Nyi
Hiroshima University

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     You need to give us some more information. What package(s) are you
     using? What are TAbehdata, TAeff, TA_coev_Second_Attempt? It might
     help to show us the output of sessionInfo too.

     It is better to post in plain text not HTML as HTML can end up
     mangled so we do not see what you thought you sent.


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         Subject: R errors
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         I'm very new R-user.
         I run a model successfully and my supervisor ask me to confirm
         the result.
         Then I run the same model again. However, it returns the error
         message in
         printing report and model creating as below which I haven't seen
         in my
         first attempt. I tried several times, but the same error returned.
         I removed R from my computer and re-install 2 times, but the
         same thing

         Please let me know how to proceed.

         Error in print01Report(TAbehdata, TAeff, modelname =
         "TA_coev_Second_Attempt") :
             wrong parameters; note: do not include an effects object as

         Error in sienaModelCreate(projname = "TA_coev_Second_Attempt",
         modelType =
         3,  :
             modelType must have names of dependent networks


         Nyi Nyi
         Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation
         Hiroshima University

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