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I'm very new R-user.
I run a model successfully and my supervisor ask me to confirm the result.
Then I run the same model again. However, it returns the error message in
printing report and model creating as below which I haven't seen in my
first attempt. I tried several times, but the same error returned.
I removed R from my computer and re-install 2 times, but the same thing

Please let me know how to proceed.

Error in print01Report(TAbehdata, TAeff, modelname =
"TA_coev_Second_Attempt") :
  wrong parameters; note: do not include an effects object as parameter!

Error in sienaModelCreate(projname = "TA_coev_Second_Attempt", modelType =
3,  :
  modelType must have names of dependent networks


Nyi Nyi
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation
Hiroshima University

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