[R] Fwd: Wanted to learn R Language

SAS_learner proccontents at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 21:50:19 CET 2017

Hello all ,

I am a SAS user for a while and wanted to learn to program in R . My
biggest hurdle to start, is to get the data (I work in clinical domain
) that too inside VPN secured access. The only way I can learn during
my work time is create my own data frames and create programs that can
be used for data ( either SDTM or AdAM data ) validation or checking
Table counts . For this I need to imitate the clinical data structure
. If there is any place or a package that help to start. I have couple
of dummy SAS datasets in my work area , but not sure how can I can
access them . Can anybody help me . Thanks ahead .

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