[R] [FORGED] Re: installing "rgl" package

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Nov 24 06:04:59 CET 2017

On 24/11/17 12:10, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On 23/11/2017 6:05 PM, Santosh wrote:
>> Hi Rxperts,
>> I am trying to install 'rgl' package in Ubuntu.. Would highly appreciate
>> your assistance .. I tried several leads available on various discussion
>> fora and nothing helped so far.
> Your message is really hard to follow, since you posted in HTML.  You 
> need the OpenGL development packages.  On Ubuntu, that probably means 
> MesaGL, but I don't know the names of the development packages. >
> Duncan Murdoch

The installation of rgl runs without complaint on my system, so 
apparently I have whatever libraries are needed.

I did "apt-show-versions | grep mesa" on my laptop (a trick I just 
learned from Berwin Turlach; thanks Berwin!) and got a slew of bumff:

> libegl1-mesa:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> libegl1-mesa-drivers:amd64/xenial-updates 12.0.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 uptodate
> libgl1-mesa-dev:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> libglapi-mesa:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> libglu1-mesa:amd64/xenial 9.0.0-2.1 uptodate
> libglu1-mesa-dev:amd64/xenial 9.0.0-2.1 uptodate
> libwayland-egl1-mesa:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> mesa-common-dev:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate
> mesa-utils:amd64/xenial 8.3.0-1 uptodate
> mesa-vdpau-drivers:amd64/xenial-updates 17.0.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 uptodate

(There were also a bunch of lines referring to i386 versions not being
installed; I deleted these to save space.)

So it would seem that you need to do at least:

     sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa
     sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa-dev

Doing this may result in the other bumff that is referred to getting 
installed automatically.  Try it and see if it works.  If not, keep 
doing the sudo apt-get install thing to the other bits and pieces until 
it does work.

Hope this helps; kind of a case of the blind leading the blind, but I 
*think* this should get you going with rgl.


Rolf Turner

Technical Editor ANZJS
Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 88276

>> * installing *source* package ‘rgl’ ...checking for gcc... gcc -std=gnu99
>> checking whether the C compiler works... yes
>> checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
>> checking for suffix of executables...
>> checking whether we are cross compiling... no
>> checking for suffix of object files... o
>> checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
>> checking whether gcc -std=gnu99 accepts -g... yes
>> checking for gcc -std=gnu99 option to accept ISO C89... none needed
>> checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -std=gnu99 -E
>> checking for gcc... (cached) gcc -std=gnu99
>> checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... (cached) yes
>> checking whether gcc -std=gnu99 accepts -g... (cached) yes
>> checking for gcc -std=gnu99 option to accept ISO C89... (cached) none 
>> needed
>> checking for libpng-config... yes
>> configure: using libpng-config
>> configure: using libpng dynamic linkage
>> checking for X... libraries , headers
>> checking GL/gl.h usability... yes
>> checking GL/gl.h presence... yes
>> checking for GL/gl.h... yes
>> checking GL/glu.h usability... yes
>> checking GL/glu.h presence... yes
>> checking for GL/glu.h... yes
>> checking for glEnd in -lGL... noconfigure: error: missing required
>> library GLERROR: configuration failed for package ‘rgl’* removing
>> ‘/data/R/lib/rgl’Warning in install.packages :
>>    installation of package ‘rgl’ had non-zero exit status
>> Checking the system dependencies based on README..
>> system('dpkg -l |grep  libgl1')ii  libgl1-mesa-dev
>>    10.1.3-0ubuntu0.6                       amd64        free
>> implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX development files
>>> system('dpkg -l |grep  libglu1')ii  
>>> libglu1-mesa:amd64                    
>>> 9.0.0-2                                 amd64        Mesa OpenGL 
>>> utility library (GLU)
>> ii  libglu1-mesa-dev                      9.0.0-2
>>             amd64        Mesa OpenGL utility library -- development
>> files
>>> system('dpkg -l |grep  libpng')ii  
>>> libpng12-0:amd64                      
>>> 1.2.50-1ubuntu2.14.04.2                 amd64        PNG library - 
>>> runtime
>> ii  libpng12-dev                          1.2.50-1ubuntu2.14.04.2
>>             amd64        PNG library - development
>> I also tried installing .. using the following command..
>> install.packages("rgl",dep=T,
>> INSTALL_opts="--no-multiarch",
>> configure.args=c(rgl="--with-gl-includes=/usr/include/GL"))

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