[R] Fw: modified mankendal

Elham Fakharizade e_f_sh at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 20:14:45 CET 2017

 Hello DearI used modifiedmk package for trend analyses.this is my script
 require(modifiedmk)X1<-read.table("c:/elham/first article/r/Spring_NDVI-1.txt",skip=2,header=FALSE)d=dim(X1)
outMK<-matrix(-999,nrow=4,ncol=d[2])for (c in 1:d[2]){MK<-tfpwmk(X1[,c])outMK[1,c]<-getElement(MK,"S")outMK[2,c]<-getElement(MK,"Var(S)")outMK[3,c]<-getElement(MK,"Sen's Slope")outMK[4,c]<-getElement(MK,"P-value")} unfortunetally I got this error:
Error in if (S == 0) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
would you please help me to solve itSincerely yoursElham

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