[R] Dataframe is character

P. Roberto Bakker robertobakker at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 10:41:15 CET 2017

Hi everybody,

Question: why are my dataframe and numeric variables a character?

I read an excel file via readxl but my dataframe is a character, and
numeric variables, eg "yi", are also a character.
My excelfile is in English numeric
Sometimes the dataframe was indeed a dataframe, but I do not know why it
did sometimes.
Thank you in advance, Roberto
PS I used "guess". The problem is not solve by using "text", "numeric" etc

My syntax (I think I cannot send the excel file as binary?)

> library(readxl)
> library(readxl)
> library(metafor)
> setwd("C:/docs/Work2/Statistic_Analyses/MetaQTcAD")
> getwd()
[1] "C:/docs/Work2/Statistic_Analyses/MetaQTcAD"

> dat <- read_excel("Hedges-g_QTc MA_R05.xlsx", sheet = 2, col_names=TRUE,
col_types = c("guess"))
> class("dat")
[1] "character"
> class("yi")
[1] "character"

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