[R] Creating a SQL R package

João Paulo Lemes Machado lemesmachado at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 14:39:37 CET 2017

Hello everyone. My name is João Paulo I am a
master's student in the course of  omputer

I intend to create a package for the R that
makes the SQL language commands available for use. I know that there are
already some packages that execute SQL commands within R. However, most of
these commands require querys to be passed as a string. I wish SQL commands
could be used more naturally.

For example: If I want to select all the columns
of a dataframe by limiting the first 10 rows I use the following command:
dataframe [1:10,]

In SQL would be: Select * from datarrame limit

My idea is to ease the transition of people
which as I have enough knowledge in SQL, and enable that R can be used as a
mysql workbench to execute querys on databases. What do you think? Any tips on
where to start?

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