[R] Autologistic regression in R

Mingke Li mli11 at unb.ca
Wed Nov 15 01:39:02 CET 2017


I am new to autologistic regression and R. I do have questions when starting a project in which I believe autologistic regression is needed.

I have a point layer whose attribute table stores the values of the dependent variable and all the independent variables. I hope to to fit an autologistic model to analyze which factors or combinations of factors have effects on the presence/absence of the dependent variable (1 or 0).

I found other papers which applied autologistic regression in their study almost used a grid system and defined their window sizes. So, my question is do I have to convert my point layer to a grid system if I want to do this analysis with R?

Also, what should I consider when I generate the grid system? How to determine a proper size of cells? How about the searching window sizes?

Many Thanks.


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