[R] Bootstrap analysis from a conditional logistic regression

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How can I perform a bootstrap analysis from a conditional logistic regression? The model has been built using the `clogit` function (`survival` package)? The model has the following structure:

    mod <- clogit(event ~ forest + log_area +forest:log_time  + cluster(ID_individual)  +   strata(ID_strata), method = "efron", data = data , x=T, y=T)

Using bootstrapping, I would like to have a measure of uncertainty around the estimates of beta coefficients.

I am using the following code but I don't know how to consider strata and cluster arguments.

    boot.clogit <- function(data, indices){
      new_data <- data[indices,]
      mod <- clogit(event ~ forest + log_area + forest:log_time  + cluster(ID_individual)  +  strata(ID_strata),
                    method = "efron", data = new_data, x=T, y=T)

    boot_data <- boot(data=data, statistic=boot.clogit, R=5000)

I have attached an overview of my data set.

Thank you very much for your time.
Best regards,

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