[R] Where to get support for Rserve?

Morkus morkus at protonmail.com
Mon Nov 13 13:48:36 CET 2017


I'm using Rserve with Java and although it works OK for 50 or 60 requests, eventually Rserve simply stops responding and I have to force-quit and restart Rserve. During this time the JVM is fine and Tomcat (app server) is fine, too.

The basic Java code does this:
1. Create an R Connection
2. Execute an R Script via Rserve "eval" statements
3. Close the R Connection.

I was going to use a memory profiler to see what was going on but Tomcat is not showing any Java-code memory leaks.

Looking at the Rserve page, I see everything about the Rseve author...except for a way to contact him (unless I somehow missed that.)

This may not be the correct R forum to ask this question, but I need to start somewhere.

*** Note, in the past I've posted messages like this to the R developer forum only to be told that that programming forum is not the right forum as it's only for "pure" R programming ***

Would appreciate any suggestions.


- M

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