[R] effects package x axis labels

Andras Farkas motyocska at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 11 01:20:15 CET 2017

Dear All,

probably a simple enough solution but don;t seem to be able to get my head around it...example based on a publicly available data set:

mydata <- read.csv("https://stats.idre.ucla.edu/stat/data/binary.csv")
mylogit <- glm(admit ~ gre + gpa + rank, data = mydata, family = "binomial")

axes=list(y=list(lab="Prob(xyz)")) changes the y axis labels for all 3 plots... Any thoughts on how I could change the x axis labels to let say 'black' (plot 1), 'white' (plot 2) and 'green' (plot 3) for the 3 respective plots produced? 

appreciate the help...


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