[R] Sharing an R installation via NFS on ubuntu cluster

Florian Oswald florian.oswald at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 12:14:51 CET 2017

hi all,

i want to share an R installation from a master node to several compute
nodes via NFS. all nodes run ubuntu 16.04. I tried building R from source
but hit a wall several times because of missing dependencies. So I am
looking for something that uses the usual apt-get install proceedure, but
would place the installation in the non-standard location. For context,
right now I would have to share all of

*root at master*:*~*  whereis R

R: /usr/bin/R /usr/lib/R /etc/R /usr/local/lib/R /usr/share/R

and I would like to install R into a new folder on the master node, say,
NFS_share, and share just that.

I found that `dpkg` has an option `--root=directory` to specify a non
standard install location for a debian package installation. but i'm not
even sure how this would work on ubuntu (can i install a debian packge on

thanks for any help!

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