[R] Function to save results

Priya Arasu galaxie2485 at yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 1 12:32:46 CET 2017

Hi,I want the results to be saved automatically in a output text file after the script has finished running.

I used the sink function in the following example, but the results file (output.txt) was empty.

net <- loadNetwork("C://Users//Priya//Desktop//Attractor analysis_all genes//synaptogenesis//regulationof_dopamine_signaling_submodule3.txt")# First I loaded theinput file for which I want to identify attractors
attr <- sink("C://Users//Priya//Desktop//Attractor analysis_all genes//synaptogenesis//output.txt")# used the sink function to save the results from attr function

attr <- getAttractors(net, type="asynchronous")# then ran the script for identifying attractors
Is there any function to save the results before setting the script to run, so that results are automatically saved in a text file after the script has finished running?

Thank youPriya

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