[R] R package for scorecard development

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Jun 29 15:00:07 CEST 2017


I'm sure there are valid reasons for wanting to use a scorecard model,
but a more straightforward approach would just be a logistic regression
or logistic discriminant analysis.

Compared to that, a scorecard model can be considered to be throwing 
away information by binning the predictors.  It is similar to what scale
developers often do by simply summing up item (0/1) scores on the 
assumption that they all should be equally weighted, rather than using 
something like factor or component weights.

Just a thought.  If you do come up with a scorecard model, it would at
least be useful to compare it with a logistic model.


On 6/28/17 1:26 PM, Nikhil Abhyankar wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is there any R package that can develop a scorecard model for a binary
> target variable?
> More details:
> I want to create a scorecard based on the raw data I have.
> I have a binary target variable and a few numeric and character input
> variables.
> I want to bin the variables and assign a score to each of the bins.
> Each subject will be scored based on the bin it falls in for each variable.
> All such scores from each of the variables will be added up to get the
> final score.
> There will be a cutoff score to decide which of the two classes of response
> the subject falls into.
> I fount and tested the smbinning package. However, it only gives the bins
> for a single variable at a time.
> How can I get a full scorecard model?
> Thanks
> Nikhil
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